What we do?

We translate your projects into spanish. The process is really simple:

  1. Contact us and request a quote
  2. We adjust a very affordable price for you and then we contact you in order to confirm if it's ok
  3. We give you a unique username and password and you can login at our clients portal with these credentials. There you can check the status of your project and submit a support ticket if you need help
  4. When the translation is finished, you can download the files
  5. If everything it's ok we mark the project as "Finished"
  6. Finally you pay us, it's that simple :)
  7. However if you need further help or another translation, please contact us by email or using our live chat.


Who We Are?

LMP Trans, formerly called LMP Host, is a company dedicated to translating projects into spanish. Our old domain has a new owner, that's why we have this new name.


Quality Translations

We are native spanish speakers ;) Plus this, you can experience our incredible translation process. We do our best to translate all you need in a short period of time at incredible prices! But most importantly is that you always will get a quality translation.

  • "Many thanks to LMP Trans for a fast and professional service"

    - Alex Warren, axe software owner

  • "We sincerely recommend LMP Trans as the ideal translator for your website. We were amazed how professional and at the same time fast they are."

    - Chris Maciejewski, Websitechat.net

  • "We are exceptionally pleased with the work from Mario. We required a translation for a piece of software and this was performed to an exceptionally high standard."

    - Emily Clarke, Freestyle-joomla.com

  • "Your good translation meets the SEO and has so many important keywords for our product page translation."

    - Socusoft, Socusoft.com

  • "You have translated a big text to Spanish very quickly. We could compile it to .chm file without any problems. I am pleased with your work."

    - Alexey Krivonogov, Createinstall.com

  • "We were in need of a translation of our live chat service, OggChat.com, into Spanish. LMP Trans provided us with an exceptional translation and a quick turnaround."

    - James, Oggchat.com